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Movement analysis and gait re-education

Functional movement analysis

People may have pain during a simple functional movement such as sitting to standing or may get pain after completing more complex movements required during their sport. In either case, it is useful to look and analyse how the body moves in order to investigate if there is a dysfunctional movement pattern present. For example, a person attending with ongoing low back pain may demonstrate poor flexibility in their hip during a squat. This causes compensatory and undesirable movement through the lower back and pelvis.

Once a dysfunctional movement has been identified a treatment plan can be devised to correct and normalise the movement. An emphasis is placed on education and movement patterning re-training as well as exercise prescription and manual therapy to reduce pain and promote improved range of movement and flexibility.

Gait re-education

It is surprising how quickly it is to forget how to walk properly. Gait re-education is normally a fundamental part of the rehabilitation process after orthopaedic joint surgery or after your leg/ankle has been in plaster following a fracture. Teaching a person how to walk correctly again ensures that your body moves in the way it is designed to and allows for correct functioning of your joints and muscles.

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