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Kay Sharp Posted:

I was recommended to Paul Conrad by my orthopaedic surgeon. He told me he was one of the best in his field. God was he right. It's bliss being mostly pain free from Cervical Spondylosis. With a combination of treatments that Paul has provided and home management (taught by Paul) of my condition it's made a vast difference to the confort in my life. I have found Paul, professional and passionate about his work. If you've seen other people in the past with no joy or relief and wonder if spending the money is justified, all I will say is it's worth every penny for a true professional that WILL resolve your issue.

Deb Glave Posted:

I totally recommend Paul, he has helped me so much. I am 37 and need 2 knee replacements which can't be done till my 60's! Paul has helped me to strengthen my quads and manage my knee pain 10 out of 10 from me I can't thank him enough!

Sharon Posted:

I visited Paul last week after suffering a lot of pain in my shoulder and arm for 5 weeks. The pain was an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. After finishing my 4th session today I am down to a 0 and feeling great. I found Paul to be very professional and thorough. Cannot recommend him highly enough!

Elaine Blackmore Posted:

A big thank you to Paul ,without his help And experience I doubt I would be walking properly after my arthroscopy .The operation was a success but I needed Physio to repair the damage which had been done whilst undiagnosed .With his experience and expertise ,and with exercises ,acupuncture and massage ,I am now feeling so much better ,walking better and nearly pain free .I have really benefitted through my 5 treatments and cannot thank Paul enough ,He understood my condition from the very start and the treatment and advice was excellent and easy to understand I don't know where I would be with my knee problem without the recommendation to see Paul .Thank you so much for your kindness and help .I very much appreciated it. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others Elaine Blackmore.

Miss Burgoyne Posted:

Paul has provided an excellent service, firstly following shoulder surgery where a previous physio had been inadequate causing my shoulder to not move properly, Paul sorted this very quickly. I then came back following a car accident where I was suffering from whiplash, bad back and a sore shoulder. Again Paul had me right as rain in no time! So impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm for his job. I have recommended three others to him who have also been impressed with him!

Yvonne Fiander Posted:

I have been suffering for five years with various shoulder and back problems. i have attended many hospital appointments but have never been diagnosed. Since having Physio my life has changed, i am now more or less pain free, I am still receivingPhysio and thanks to PhysioI am sure I will soon be able to live an active and pain free life, thanks to Paul.

Nicola Best Posted:

I had a bad back for months and my mother-in-law recommended this practice. I wasn't disappointed, the treatment I received really helped my back and the homework I was given was easy enough to do at home. Thank you for your help :)

Ross Fowler Posted:

I sustained an injury to my foot playing rugby in January and it took 3 months to heal all done through the nhs, I had another injury in the same foot a few weeks ago and was recommended by my sister to visit Paul, he found the problem and treated the root cause which is something that wasn't looked at by the nhs, he even used acupuncture which I was sceptical of but I am now a convert after seeing the results, I can't thank Paul enough.

SonjeevSehota Posted:

I was diagnosed by a specialist with having Gilmores groin (Sports Hernia) and advised that it would have to be operated on. However, having had physio with Paul over the past few months I've made a full recovery. So a very big thanks to Paul for saving me the pain and anxiety of an Op. I've also learned a lot about my body as Paul also takes the time to explain what he's doing and why - again many thanks

Mrs W Posted:

Thanks so much for working on my leg/ ankle. The treatment has worked brilliantly and for the first time in over 12 months I am able to walk ALL day! I'm delighted.

Mr P Posted:

Thank you for treating my shin splints earlier in the year. On the 1st July I completed my 1st ironman distance triathlon, with less than ideal running done over the winter my marathon time was never going to be to the time I am capable of but - I completed in 12hr 44mins, I can always go quicker next time!!! Thank you once again

Shirley graves Posted:

What a relief! To be free of pain! Paul is such a caring professional clinician. After suffering muscle spasm in my back and severe pain in buttock and leg he diagnosed my problem in the 1st visit which took my GP took 3 months to do! Absolutely great. If in pain don't hesitate - make an appt. Genuine professional.

Ms W Posted:

I was recommended to Paul by a colleague after suffering whiplash - Paul was fantastic, very helpful and went through everything and told me what he was going to do. I started to feel better after a few sessions, he gave me exercises to do at home. I would definitely recommend him, I did and one of my colleagues went. I am going to go back for a MOT as such every six weeks just because he is reasonably priced and will sort out any niggles. He is helpful, approachable and very dedicated to what he does. Aches - go and see him!

Samantha Surry Posted:

The short term benefits of physiotherapy are often evident from your very first session. I personally felt the pain decrease from my first session. However, what I really enjoy about Paul's work is that he has provided me with long-term solutions for my back & hip problems, by educating me about my body and arming me with exercises and posture pointers that should stop them reoccurring. Add to this Paul's friendly and approachable manner and it becomes obvious why so many of his patients, like me, are more than happy to recommend his work.

Brenda Coxall Posted:

Doctors diagnosed Tennis Elbow which I had for nearly a year after 5 very very painful injections and no improvement I went to see Paul. He discovered it was my neck that was causing the problem. Now have full use of arm. Very passionate about his work lovely man.

Mrs S Posted:

My back feels so much better since starting my sessions, the exercises Paul has given me to do are making muscles ache that I didn't even know existed, lol! Still - no pain, no gain - and the good news is its all helping. :)

S Johal Posted:

2 sessions and able to move properly after suffering a week in pain excellent professional Physio.

J Webb Posted:
Had both my neck and back manipulated by Paul, he is very professional and caring person. Would highly recommend him to everyone. If I did not live so far away I would see if again tomorrow for my new injury

Chris Knight Posted:

I visited Paul with a back injury following a gardening injury. After assessing the injury, he only carried out the treatment that was required and explained on each occasion what was being done and the outcome expected. He is very professional and friendly in his approach and after only 5 visits I made a full recovery. I would thoroughly recommend his services. Thanks Paul. Chris Knight.

Paul Murray posted:

I had suffered a shoulder injury for over 8 months which had been caused in part by the martial arts class I go to. Despite having Physio on it before, I had resigned myself to the fact it would always be slightly locked. Paul did a full assessment and worked out it was actually being caused elsewhere. After only three sessions the improvement is incredible. Not only is my shoulder feeling better, he addressed an issue with my hips that also improved the tightness I had been getting behind my right knee. Was overjoyed that as a result my kicks have begun to improve again and I don't have to consider giving up the classes I love. Would recommend Paul to anyone who had given up on a problem and will continue regular sessions to hopefully see further improvement.

Kelly Joyce Posted:

Paul is a genius. Had many pains in my right arm which he identified & started dealing with straight away. So long as you follow his instruction on any exercises in addition to his treatment, you will feel the benefits immediately. Would highly recommend his services and I completely trust in him.

Kerry Dingwall Posted:

Thanks to Pauls help with a knee injury...today I completed my first 5k :) feeling proud of myself and very grateful for all his help! Would definitely recommend Physio with Paul.

Dean Fish posted:

Had a pelvic injury that doctors were unable to help me with, but Paul did. Being self-employed, he got me back to work a lot quicker than if I left it to heal itself. Thanks Paul

Steven Seaford Posted:

A few years back I developed a sciatic nerve pain down the back of both my left and right leg. The pain gradually worsened so that it was triggered off after only 5-10 minutes of sitting. I saw multiple specialists including a private GP in London, a specialist back centre and finally my NHS GP. The NHS GP arranged for me to have an MRI scan, it came back clear, but I was still suffering pain. I was then sent to see a NHS physiotherapist at my local hospital. This had the effect of putting me off physiotherapy as she effectively did nothing except get me addicted to painkillers. This led me to wrongfully conclude that all physiotherapists would be the same. However, I eventually met Joanne, via a recommendation, and she managed to not only get me off painkillers but also to substantially reduce the pain I experienced. In summary, I cannot stress enough that all physiotherapists are not created equal, if you had a bad experience then do not give up as I am in no doubt that Joanne will be able to help you alleviate some of the pain you may have. I personally would recommend her to friends or family, unreservedly.

Paul Spink posted:

I've had problems with my back for over 10 years. I've seen doctors and other specialists but no one has been able to help. I was in constant pain and couldn't stand or sit for long enough to watch a football match or a film, I could barely tie my shoelaces or get in or out of the car without a huge effort. Any sharp movement, a sneeze, a trip on the pavement caused agony. I'd given up all hope and resigned myself to a future of pain and increasing disability. I was persuaded to see Joanne Clark at Southdowns Physiotherapy clinic hoping only for some pain management. I can still scarcely believe what she has done in a few short months - she has given me my life back and a future to look forward to. The difference I found with Joanne was that she was the first to really listen to me, at each and every session she asked questions and responded, refining the treatment plan, investigating options and gradually my symptoms improved. Eventually she told me I didn't need to see her any more. It's taken a while to adjust to being normal again after so many years of pain. I have no hesitation in recommending Joanne.

Vivienne McOwen posted:

I first consulted Joanne in 2013, when I had severe pain in under my shoulder that had spread to my neck and down arm causing tingling down my right arm and numbness to three fingers on my right hand. As I am right handed this was proving to be a problem on a day to day basis. I found Joanne to be very thorough in her assessment of my condition taking a full history of the symptoms and pain levels. Although I found the procedures undertaken were sometimes uncomfortable I soon found out that this resulted in an improvement of my condition. Alongside of the actual treatments Joanne also gave me exercises and strategies to help with my posture and general movement. This was useful as looking after my mother who was bed bound was often undoing the good work of the treatments. These strategies I am still using today, even though I am now pain free.

I was so impressed with the treatment received that I am now having treatment for my back which has been a problem for around 20 years but I have always been scared to undertake treatment in case it made it worse. In the past I have spent around £4,000 on treatments with various Osteopaths and chiropractors with no lasting results from their treatments. So far I have had two treatments and can already feel the difference...

I have since completed the treatment on my back and am now able to move with a lot more ease than I have for over twenty years. I can twist at the waist which I have not been able to do for a long time but best of all I am now completely pain free. All of the sciatica pain as stopped and it has had the additional benefit of enabling me to sleep pain free.

Graham Newhaven Posted:

I have suffered neck and shoulder pains for the past 8 years now and have spent that time being seen by many doctors and physiotherapists that have between them never been able to resolve my problem. The pains became unbearable with "referred pains" into the back of my head. Some days I became very low as there seemed no escape from the pain no matter how I tried to position myself. My life was all about pain management. In short I was miserable.

Then my wife had to have an operation on her hand which required physiotherapy and she went to see Joanne with excellent results over a period of 6 weeks, which was right on the target set by her consultant.

My wife recommended that I go to see Joanne and being sceptical after seeing so many "experts", I reluctantly agreed. Joanne talked through my problem, recording every detail and set to work on my shoulders, neck and back. I cannot praise highly enough the skills of Joanne who treated me with a defined plan of action over several weeks and after which I started to enjoy for the first time in many years periods of being pain free! It really is amazing to want to do things with my life again instead of making excuses and sitting at home managing my pain.

I would personally recommend Joanne (and do) to friends, family and anyone that is interested.

Dr Paul Moore Posted:

My colleagues and I were most saddened to hear you were moving away and I wanted to write with my personal best wishes.

For more than fifteen years, you have been a trusted source of advice, and my first line of referral for physiotherapy. Your patient and caring yet practical and challenging approach has been really effective and occasionally changes people's lives. I have shared some quite complex cases with you and your diagnostic skill and professional judgement have been consistently excellent.

If your reputation is not yet locally known, please use this to reassure colleagues of your skills, and future patients that they are in the safest hands.

With my very best wishes for future success

Dr Paul Moore
General Practitioner
Quayside Medical Practice
Newhaven, East Sussex.

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