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Pregnancy Massage

You may think of massage as a luxury to indulge in on occasion, but one of the most beneficial times for massage may be during pregnancy. A lot is changing in a woman's body during Pregnancy and massage is of huge benefit from the second trimester onwards and can help to soothe the extra strains placed upon a woman’s body during pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
  • Improve blood and lymph circulation which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells, better elimination both for you and your baby this means greater vitality and less fatigue for you and better nourishment for your baby
  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation, so less stress and a better night’s sleep
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain, including backache, cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Assist with achy hips
  • Relieve lower back and muscle stiffness
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Helps reduce varicose veins
  • Facilitates hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and other physiological processes, which occur in pregnancy
  • Assist in reducing fluid retention
  • Help with Pubic Symphysis Pain

Our Pregnancy Massage Therapist Clare has been qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist for 7 years and has been working for many years in private practice. Clare is qualified in Pre and Post pregnancy massage therapy. Having a young family means Clare understands the dynamics of pregnancy and the need for massage in the treatment of Pubic-Symphysis pain, lower back pain, general tiredness and swelling.

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