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Massage Therapy

Massage is a form of �hands on� manual therapy which is used to manipulate the muscles and connective tissues in the body. It is an extremely effective treatment modality for improving the suppleness and flexibility of the muscles thereby reducing stiffness and improving joint range of movement.

Areas of muscle tissue in the body can become excessively tight and can be felt as �knots� or taut bands in the muscle. These areas of muscle are called trigger points and are often tender to the touch and can be a cause of pain. Trigger points are painful because the contracted muscle tissue creating the knot occludes the blood and oxygen supply to the muscle and the muscle becomes mal nourished. It is important for muscles to receive a good bloody supply in order for the muscle to function normally and to allow for the removal of toxins which build up through daily use.

Trigger points occur due to overuse of a particular muscle or through trauma and injury. They are commonly caused by postural overload or through repetitive strain placed on the muscle. Deep tissue massage and other specific soft tissue manipulation and mobilisation techniques are used to relax the muscle fibres thereby improving blood flow to the area and reducing pain.

Massage can be really helpful in aiding the recovery process following injury or for working on scar tissue which may have been caused through injury or following surgery. Massage can also be used to induce the body into a state of relaxation and wellbeing or can be used to stimulate the body such as might be required before competing in a sporting event. Conversely, it is excellent for relieving tired/sore muscles following exercise.

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