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Lower back pain

Lower back � Mechanical low back pain

The majority of low back pain cases are mechanical in nature. This means that the source of the pain derives from the soft tissues in the back such as the muscles, connective tissues and ligaments during movement. The joints in the spine called the facet joints can also become stiff, leading to pain and reduced range of movement.

There are many reasons why mechanical low back pain can occur and most of us will probably experience some form of back pain in our life time, ranging from an ache or niggle to severe pain. Mechanical low back pain can occur through overuse such as "over doing it" in the gym or garden or as a result of a fall. The pain can come on suddenly or may be more gradual and difficult to determine.

Stiffness in the joints can occur through the degenerative process of �wear and tear�. Medically this is known as spondylosis and better known as osteo-arthritis. Muscle and joints can also gradually become stiff through adaptive posture. This is commonly caused by poor work station ergonomics leading to poor sitting posture placing strain on the lower back. Low back pain can also occur through other mechanical reasons such as poor hip movement leading to excessive compensatory movement through the lower back.

Mechanical low back pain is one of the most common conditions we treat here at the clinic. The aim with physiotherapy is to analyse and assess the movement of the joints in the lower back, pelvis and hips to determine the source of the pain and underlying cause.

Typically treatment may include a combination of mobilisation and manipulation techniques to the joints in the back, soft tissue massage/mobilisation/release to aid flexibility, electro-therapy, acupuncture and exercises. The sole purpose with physiotherapy is to initially restore the normal range of movement in the lower back. This is normally associated with a marked reduction in pain. Exercises are always given to improve flexibility and to build strength in the back to help reduce the chance of re-occurrence.

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