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Clare's Marathon

So I'm writing this blog after having finished the London Marathon 2017and what an epic day it was! The weather was a little hot, which took many of us by surprise, but painstakingly I made it down the famous finish line to claim my medal.


A couple of days before the marathon I started to load up the carbs, consuming delicious flapjacks and mounds of pasta! I really struggled to sleep leading up to the big day because of nerves and last minute doubts!

I went to the Excel on the Saturday to register, pick up my number and my tag to record my time. It was really busy and everyone had the same buzz about them in anticipation of the huge task we had set ourselves. I listened to one of the talks about what we needed to do on the day, where to put our bags, where to line up and where not to put our hands when crossing the finishing line so we could get that all important picture.

Marathon Day:

I woke up at 7.30 and was due to be picked up at 8.20, I don't live too far from the start, so we drove to Blackheath to walk to the blue starting pen. I had my large bowl of breakfast and got my stuff together, I had a further banana and loo at 9am, followed by further loos before the start! We were then hurdled into our pens, I was at number 9 with a friend and we waited for the 10am start.

Crossing the line took a while to happen and we eventually went over at 10.15 and started to run. My friend went off as she is faster than me, so I went into my groove and soaked up the atmosphere. I saw friends at 2 miles, which was a lovely surprise then I started running at the same pace as another lady. She turned out to be a godsend and we chatted, sharing stories and pulling each other through. We merged with the red pen at 5k and worked our way down to Greenwich. Everything felt great, the crowd were cheering and the Cutty Sark was soon in our sites. The next big land mark was Tower Bridge so we decided to go for a cheeky loo break at mile 6 to take a mini rest and take on fuel. My first family hug was at mile 9, when my sister jumped out shouting my name, it was a fantastic sight to see them, gave me such an adrenaline boost and made the next few miles easier to run.

Tower Bridge at mile 12 was amazing, huge crowds and cheers. We turned a corner onto the bridge and saw the London sky line as we passed over. People calling out our names and endless high fives.

My family were then stationed at mile 18, Mudchute City Farm, so I headed up towards them without stopping. I was feeling good at this point but slightly emotionally as I come so far. I stopped for a huge hug and rest before plodding on.

Around the 20mile mark I could feel my legs hurting, the wall was imminent, I ploughed through but by mile 21 my left hip was having no more so I was resigned to walking. At the time I didn't care as the atmosphere was pulling me along the relentless crowds still cheering words of encouragement. After this I ran/walked on and off till mile 24, where I could only walk. The route was along the embankment leading to Big Ben and the final push.

I decided to run the last mile, so I picked up the pace, every step hurt, other runners helping each other, we can do it, everyone in it together. Every turn felt like the last until I saw the familiar red road under my feet, I knew the end was nearly in sight. I turned the final corner to see the finish, I crossed the line, arms in the air, body broken but elated! I earned my medal!

Thank you to everyone who supported my through and well done to everyone who made it across…here's to next year!

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