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Clare Parr – Marathon Blog – Weeks 1-5




So, I’ve just found out I have a ballot space in next year’s London Marathon – the panic has just set in!

I have two young children and when they are off during summer my exercise regime takes a back seat, so that means I haven’t done any running for over 8 weeks and my body feels broken!

Week 1: Distance Run – 3.5miles

Breakfast: Slice of toast and banana with a glass of milk half an hour before run and rehydrating the day before

Managed 3 ½ mile run, I felt it about half way in the hip flexors so I made sure I stretched off quads, calfs, hips after

Post run meal: Bowl of fruit and fibre: Carb and protein combination

Post Run Evaluation:

I couldn’t run for the rest of the week as my hip flexors and abductors really hurt so I concentrated on stretching them and ensuring I was eating 3 balanced meals a day with snacks and making sure I was taking on-board adequate fluids.

Week 2: Distance Run – 5 miles

Breakfast: Two slices of toast a banana and a glass of milk

5 miles – didn’t feel it as much in the muscles, just felt my fitness stamina was rubbish and couldn’t wait to finish!

Post run meal: Bowl of fruit and fibre, Lunch: Avocado and chicken pasta salad, Dinner: Classic roast.

Feeling hungrier so trying to up my calories and put in more Omega 3/6 to help with muscle inflammation, exercise stamina and oxygen delivery.

Post Run Evaluation:

Recovered much quicker from this run but felt I couldn’t run again until the following Sunday so did a core strengthening session, combined with some HIIT on a static bike to increase fitness and stamina

Week 3: Distance Run – 6.14 miles

Breakfast: Two slices of toast, a banana and a glass of milk – I don’t like smoothies for breakfast and running I feel too bloated so this combination works for me

Post run meal: I could only manage 4 mouthfuls of fruit and fibre as I felt sick! Lunch: homemade veg and pasta soup with slice of bread and apple, Snack: yoghurt and nuts.  Dinner: We went out with some friends for an Indian – I could have licked my plate clean!

Post Run Evaluation:

10k – 6.14 miles – I died! We ran a really steep hill and felt sick after and wanted to walk back! So I walked for a duration of 5 minutes to get my heart rate down and then I ran a slow pace the way back, it did take everything out of me! Next time I’ll avoid such big hills!

Recovered very quickly that I managed to go out for a 4 mile run on the Tuesday with no problems.  Rest of the week I stretched out and did one more core strengthening session.

Week 4: Distance Run – 5 Miles

Usual breakfast!

Post Run Evaluation:

5 miles today – going to get my fitness up before pushing it again, would like to do another 5 miles in the week and then again at the weekend before I push to 7.5 miles the week after.  Recovery is much better post runs now and I feel like I am sinking into my groove.  It is really cold out there though which is putting me off going for a run but I force myself through and treat myself to a hot chocolate with marshmallows after when I do an evening run.

I am also planning my foods better in the week and trying to increase my calorie intake to meet the exercise needs as I don’t want to start taking protein from my muscles and to ensure I am fully fuelled prior to running.

Week 5: Can’t believe I’m 5 weeks into training!

This week is all about fuelling so I’m now using hypotonic/isotonic/hypertonic drinks when running.  It’s a homemade recipe:

Isotonic Drink: Quickly replace fluids lost by sweating and provide a boost of carbohydrates:

200ml ordinary fruit squash

800ml water

Pinch of salt

Mix together/Cool/Drink

Hypertonic Drink: Used to supplement your daily carbohydrate intake, they contain higher carbs and the best time to drink them is post exercise to top up glycogen stores.  If running long distances hypotonic drinks are a great source of fuel and are to be used alongside isotonic drinks:

400ml squash

One litre of water

Pinch of salt


Next Months Blog will include a Running Plan, more info regarding nutrition while training and some of my favourite recipes!



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