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Fat Blog

Fat, against popular belief, is different to body fat. Body fat is excess energy (protein, carbs, fat) that has been converted to body fat as the body has not used it as fuel. Fat is a fuel source that we use at low intensities (sitting, walking, jogging) to give us energy. Without enough dietary fat, our body relies on carbohydrates as fuel which has been shown to be a negative adaptation in the long term...

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Nutrition for weight loss/management

Firstly, by weight loss we mean lose body fat. This is a favourable change in body composition as opposed to an unfavourable, where you may lose muscle (key for things like glucose uptake and healthy functioning throughout life). Ultimately, weight loss comes as a result of an energy deficit. This means energy in < energy out. BUT, this must be taken in CONTEXT...

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Video - Back pain

WATCH: Back Pain - Why We Get It, Rehab Exercises and When to See A Physiotherapist...

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Video - Squats

WATCH: How To Squat Properly for ALL Abilities...

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London Marathon 2018

Good luck everyone that entered the...

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Video - Ankle Strengthening

WATCH: Post Injury Ankle Strengthening...

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Physiotherapy - What To Expect As A New Patient

When you have never gone for treatment before, it can be a daunting thing. What's going to happen? Will it hurt? Will it help? Will I need to show my body?

If you are due to have physio for the first time the following maybe of help to you!

Treatment is a very personal thing, people usually go to a clinic based on what others have told them about it. ...

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Clare's Marathon

So I'm writing this blog after having finished the London Marathon 2017and what an epic day it was! The weather was a little hot, which took many of us by surprise, but painstakingly I made it down the famous finish line to claim my medal.


A couple of days before the marathon I started to load up the carbs, consuming delicious flapjacks and mounds of pasta..

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Tennis Elbow - What is it and what can you do to help yourself

Watch: Physiotherapist Paul Conrad explains what tennis elbow is and how you can treat this yourself at home...

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Frozen Shoulder - What is it and what can be done?

WATCH: Physiotherapist Paul Conrad explains the symptoms and diagnosis of a Frozen Shoulder and provides exercises and advice for rehabilitation at home...

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We specialise in providing acupuncture treatment to help treat and prevent injuries and pain.
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