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Consultation is by appointment only. If you wish to book an appointment for physiotherapy please call us on 01322 275 402 or complete our online form and we can call you back to arrange an appointment for you.

Our opening hours are

  • Monday 9am - 5pm
  • Tuesday 9am - 8pm
  • Wednesday CLOSED
  • Thursday 10am - 8pm
  • Friday 9am - 5pm
  • Saturday 9am - 2pm

What to expect and bring for your first session.

We kindly request that you try and arrive 10 minutes before your allocated appointment time. This is to allow time to complete your registration form. There is ample room and seating in our reception area. If you are using private health cover please bring with you your policy number and authorisation code for your treatment.

The initial assessment will last approximately one hour. You are more than welcome to bring a chaperone with you who can also sit in with you during your assessment and treatment. The first part of your session involves obtaining a history of the onset of your symptoms, where the pain is and any specific things that tend to aggravate your symptoms. It is really helpful if you are able to have a think about any specific triggers for your pain and symptoms prior to attending your first session. The more information you give regarding your pain and symptoms the better, as this will help us to determine the possible source and cause of your pain. We will also ask you about any relevant medical history. If you have had a recent X-Ray, MRI/CT scan, blood test or are on regular medication please do bring the results and list of medication with you. It may also be helpful to bring your trainers with you if your pain came on from running or exercise.

Once we have recorded your history and discussed any specific goals you may have, we will conduct a comprehensive examination to locate the source of your symptoms and where appropriate, provide you with a diagnosis. During the physical examination it will be necessary to remove certain items of clothing to allow us to thoroughly assess the area where you are experiencing your symptoms. We will always ask permission from you before you remove any clothing. You may wish to bring with you some shorts to change into or wear appropriate loose fitting clothing. Women tend to wear a sports bra or strap type top if we are examining your shoulder, back or neck. If you unsure what to wear please do give us a call prior to arriving for your appointment.

The first part of your assessment will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Following the physical examination we will be able to discuss with you the source and cause of your pain and treatment options. We will then proceed with treatment which will normally entail "hands-on" treatment or some other physical modality (electrotherapy, acupuncture). We will also give you some exercises to perform at home for the purpose of improving range of movement, improving flexibility or strengthening and to compliment the treatment you received during your session. The exercises you get are always specific to your condition and we will explain what the purpose of each exercise is for. We do not believe in giving out standard, photocopied exercise sheets.

We encourage you to ask lots of questions during your session because we want you to learn about your body and understand your condition. This is important because empowering you with knowledge about your condition will help with the recovery process. We will help you by giving advice on activity modification and what you should avoid. We may recommend that you visit your GP or a pharmacist for advice on medication to aid with the recovery and healing process.

For more information or to book an appointment please call 01322 275 402 or email info@westhillphysio.co.uk. Alternatively please feel free to complete the form below.
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